Individual Portrait

silver salts on fiber papers, 17,5x27,5cm

2015 - work in progress

It is given to the person the proposition of being taken a long-exposure portrait of her or him and, in order to answer the compromise of the portrait, the individual must be motionless throughout the period of the photograph. Before the proposition, the person decides the amount of time she or he proposes herself or himself to be photographed. It is thus captured the presence of the individual through a light exchange relation between an element that reflects and another one that absorbs.

André Martins



Cláudia Dias, 60 minutes

Filipa Nunes, 75 minutes

Sofia Erzini, 40 minutes

Inês Pereira, 7 minutes

Marta Crespo, 15 minutes

Fábio Colaço, 20 minutes

Beatriz Luís, 60 minutes

Alice Coelho, 60 minutes

André Martins, 240 minutes

Leonardo Ramos, 40 minutes

Eugénia Burnay, 20 minutes

Manel Queiró, 15 minutes

Bernardo Rocha, 10 minutes

Celina Vogensen, 30 minutes

Massus, 20 minutes

Pedro Moço, 1 minute

Miguel Soares, 48 minutes

Tamia Dellinger, 40 minutes

Beatriz Fonseca, 60 minutes

Matilde Ferreira, 7 minutes

Beatriz Andrade, 60 minutes

Tiago Santos, 30 minutes

Crestin Razvan, 40 minutes

Marta Crespo, 30 minutes

André Martins, 60 minutes

Trindade, 20 minutes

Sara Ezequiel, 15 minutes

Celina Vogensen, 15 minutes

Beatriz Tubal, 7 minutes

Bárbara Cruz, 20 minutes

Beatriz Andrade, 30 minutes

Francisca Rebela, 30 minutes